Climate and Weather Forecast Services

Based on state of the art numerical weather prediction models, observational data and machine learning techniques, Agroapps provides high precision and field specific weather forecasting and climate services to individual farmers and agribusiness sector.

short  High Resolution Short Range Weather Forecast: Planning your field tasks and your everyday activities using daily or hourly high resolution weather forecasts of air temperature, wind, humidity, cloud coverage, precipitation and evapotranspiration.  

extreme  Extreme Weather Events Early Warning System: Protect your crops and your life from extreme weather events (hail storms, lightning and extreme temperatures) using Agroapps Early Warning System.  

current  Current Weather Conditions: Always be informed for the current weather conditions in your field.

custom  Custom Based Weather Forecasting Services: Agroapps provides custom based solutions to meet its clients’ weather forecast needs, designed by company’s weather experts.    

season  Seasonal Climate Forecasts: Optimize your crop production planning for the next season and reduce climate risks based on Agroapps 6-months Seasonal Climate Forecasts.

invest  Farm Investment Planning based on Decadal Climate Forecasts: Make your 10-year farm investment plan using Agroapps Decadal Climate Forecasts to manage the climate variability and reduce financial risks.  

history  Historical Climate Data: Agroapps provides historical climate data for the agribusiness sector, in a suitable data format, to feed into their decision support systems.

consult  Climate and Weather Consultation Services: Agroapps experts provide custom based consultation to help farmers, agricultural cooperatives and agribusiness minimise the economic impact of weather and climate change to their business.