Farm Management Advisory Services

Today’s agriculture business is not only about the crop. It involves capitals and risk. This means that management is crucial for a farm to grow and be profitable. But since different farms have different objectives, their management practices need to differ. Our management consultants provide the required expertise and assistance to meet every farmer’s needs, from tillage to irrigation scheduling and from crop growth monitoring to crop yield estimation.

tillage  Tillage Scheduling: Always be informed when the soil of your fields is ready for treatment.

irri  Irrigation Scheduling: Know when and how much to irrigate.

  Pest and Disease Alarm: Early warning system for Pest and Disease infection risks.

growth  Crop Growth Monitoring: Define different crop management zones or detect field problems such as pest infestation or soil nutrients deficiencies. in time.

yield  Crop Yield Estimation: Estimate your field productivity, make better financial decisions and improve your income.