AgroApps was founded in 2015 by a team of experienced agronomists, experts in remote sensing and numerical weather forecasting, as well as IT specialists, who had a deep understanding of the agricultural sector and saw the growing need for technological support and for effective forward-thinking IT solutions.

Our mission is to put technology in the services of the agricultural sector through the development of sustainable solutions. Our high level of expertise in combination with the constant research and our drive for excellence give us a special dynamic, so as today we offer a wide range of ICT services that help farmers and other industry stakeholders understand the fields in ways that were not possible before.

What we do

Passionate about applying ICT, we use and combine sophisticated mathematical models, machine learning technologies, satellite and meteorological data, and crop development models, to build solutions and customized services for farmers, agricultural consultants, agri-food and agricultural insurance companies, as well as for the public sector.

Our team has developed a set of ICT solutions that address real life challenges touching upon the benefits of sustainable agriculture and the complex farm management decision-making process. Our solutions help the agricultural stakeholders protect and improve their operations, guide more informed agricultural decisions and get the most out of their land.

AgroApps Team

Our team consists of passionate specialists and experienced professionals. Combining a diverse set of academic backgrounds and skills, all the members share something very common: They are all technology and agriculture lovers and enjoy working! Agroeconomists, Web Developers and Numerical Model Experts, Marketing Consultants, we all operate based on the values we share and our need to shape a sustainable agricultural world and make a difference in today’s farming.

All the members of our team are dedicated team players who bring energy, fresh ideas and creativity in their work. You will often find them discussing and interacting with other agricultural and IT enthusiasts, or working to transform their new big idea into a successful and efficient solution.



In 2018 AgroApps was selected as one of the three finalists of the Airbus Multi-Data Challenge in the frame of the Copernicus Masters Competition of the European Union.

In 2019 AgroApps won the 1st place at the STARTUPS D.DAY organized within the Digital Economy Forum by the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications.

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