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What makes AgroApps stand out in developing solutions to accelerate progress in sustainable agriculture is technology and science. What serves AgroApps mission is that various interdisciplinary teams interact and cooperate in developing effective tools to respond to the needs of farmers, agri-food companies and competent agencies. What we are looking for is to enrich our teams with like-minded professionals inspired by the principles of sustainability, who believe in the power of science and technology.

Move your career forward with us

AgroApps Teams



Earth Observation
and GIS experts


Project Managers

AgroApps Vision

Technology changes the way we till the land; it helps improve and maximize crop production and achieve a neutral environmental footprint. What makes the difference is people capable of being inspired, of exploring new technologies and prospects, and willing to walk the extra mile. AgroApps has created a team of talented professionals who can invent ways of using new tools, design and plan to move forward, and co- operate to bring about the desirable outcome. We have established a creativity-enhancing atmosphere, flexible and open to diversity ensuring that each one of us can be ourselves. AgroApps encourages all its people to realize their potential and evolve as individuals and as team members to transform agriculture, conserve the environment and improve life all around.

AgroApps Vision

AgroApps Values

Credibility and consistency

Our long-standing relationships among colleagues and external associates are reflected in our clients’ confidence in us. AgroApps dedication and high-quality services ensure steady business development and brighter prospects.

Innovation technologies

We work with cutting-edge technologies and keep reinventing ourselves. AgroApps innovative mindset is what help us stand apart.

Ownership and development

Our people are supported in pursuing their own careers and be a part of the impact their work has on the world. We target a better future for a better life.

Respect and teamwork

We respect people, diverse cultures and backgrounds. We support our team to bring out their best and unlock their potential in a working environment where autonomy and teamwork are high on our agenda.

AgroApps Vision

What we offer


Career development

We support and encourage our people to shape their own careers considering their personality and skills.


Work/Life Balance

We take care of our people, their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.


Flexible working conditions

We provide flexibility options that fit your working style, i.e, remote, hybrid and onsite.


Life Long Learning

We thrive because our people thrive. We invest in human force by offering upskilling and reskilling opportunities. Our feedback culture and annual evaluation keep our people developing.


Work hard, play harder

We know how to bond with each other, we love to play and have fun.


Continuous growth

We believe in constructive feedback! We have developed an environment where individuals are encouraged to share and receive feedback regularly.

How to join us

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Apply online

Apply online

Check out the opening positions and apply for the one that suits you best. Upload a CV that highlights your relevant skills, qualifications and experience.

Review of CV

Review of CV

We screen the CVs accordingly and we inform you about the next steps. We always reply to our candidates.



We get excited about interviewing, so if your skillset matches with job’s requirements, you will be invited to a physical or online interview.



We want to make the whole recruiting process a little bit challenging, so you may be asked to do a brief online assignment.



We always inform you about your application status.

Extra tips

Extra tips

Be genuine, be passionate and just be yourself!

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