AgroApps Hydro

AgroApps Hydro is a system supporting water resources management. It calculates crop evapotranspiration and provides current and seasonal estimations for water demands. It also informs about the and readiness to respond to water demands, and about total water balance in a given location at real time.

AgroApps Hydro helps authorities in charge of controlling and managing water resources design and apply sound strategies for optimal distribution/allocation of irrigation water and energy management of the irrigation network.


Effective management of irrigation water

AgroApps Hydro processes a large volume of satellite and meteorological data and IoT records in real time, supporting optimal irrigation water management.




Irrigation Network Remote Control

Irrigation Network Remote Control

AgroApps Hydro records the water amount consumed per irrigation event, as well as the network status and pressure for the purpose of automating irrigation water distribution/allocation.

Estimation of Current and Seasonal Irrigation Needs

Estimation of Current and Seasonal Irrigation Needs

Before the irrigation period starts, AgroApps Hydro estimates the water amount necessary for meeting crop demands. During the irrigation period the system determines crop-water requirements under current conditions according to crop type and growth stage.

Seasonal Drought Forecast

Seasonal Drought Forecast

AgroApps Hydro calculates drought indices for the current and next irrigation period and provides timely and reliable forecasts for drought phenomena. It also categorizes the type and intensity of a drought and gives valuable information to help competent authorities take optimal measures to moderate the impact of droughts on crops.

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